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MONTE GOULD | IMTT President and CEO

He is a former (honorably retired) State of California Peace officer (27 ½ years of service) and SWAT (HRT) member (22 ½ years), former US Marine, and US Army Special Operations Forces (24 years of service) active and reserve SNCO. His last SWAT assignment was as an Assault Team leader and Master SWAT state instructor. He has participated in multiple combat, foreign & domestic and counter-narcotic missions; combat operations with US, Dutch and French Special Forces including the elite French “Commandos Hubert”. Further working as a contractor in High-risk protection teams with heads of state and clients throughout the world.  Monte has attended numerous Civilian Law Enforcement, Army, Marine and Navy special operations related schools, and extraordinary training. He is a certified Firearms Instructor, holding numerous NRA, FBI, State of California and manufacture certification relative to weapons instruction and Executive protection. Throughout his career he has attended over 130 different schools, classes and advanced instructor trainings. Monte is also a certified “SPEAR” Law Enforcement / military instructor. He possesses specialized knowledge of Hostage rescue in fortified locations / heavily reinforced target locations, urban operations and CQB. Membership ID numbers; NTOA # 995 & SFA # A-3863


Mr. Dennis is a 25 veteran of Law Enforcement. He is in his twenty first year with California’s elite Hostage Rescue Teams His SWAT assignments included Assault Leader, Tactical Element Leader and Team Commander. His Current assignment as a Lieutenant he is responsible for the training and certification of over 400 Hostage Rescue Team members spread among 19 teams throughout the state of California. He is a certified Firearms Instructor, including NRA, California POST, and Glock instructor certifications.  He holds numerous certifications and qualification. He specializes in Hostage Rescue in fortified locations.


Mr. Turpin retired from the US Army as a Master Sergeant of Special Forces after 21 years of service. He began his career as a Scout/sniper with the 82nd airborne division where he specialized in reconnaissance and sniper operations. He also refined his marksmanship skills during two tours with the Marksmanship Training Unit where he successfully competed in high-power rifle competition. Paul's last 12 years of service were with the 7th SFG(A) where he continued to refine his long-range rifle marksmanship skills, as well as the other myriad of skills required to be successful in special operations such as language ability. Paul is able to teach in both Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Paul now works as a peace officer for a major state agency where he teaches basic and advanced firearms skills, chemical agents, expandable baton and instructor development. He also serves as an advisor and instructor for his department’s Tactical Operations Unit and Hostage rescue units.


In memoriam, our brother in gone. We will always remember, respect and revere his memory. "Fair winds and following seas" We miss you everyday 

Tom has worked on the close protection teams for fours governors while with the Missouri State Highway Patrol. In 1989, he is a former Commander of the Governor’s Security Division for eight years. He worked in senior positions in protective operations for the Pope, Mikhail Gorbachev, Margaret Thatcher, and every U.S. President since Gerald Ford, handling protective assignments in Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Ireland, India, Italy, Greece, Turkey, The Philippines, Thailand, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Following the September 11 attacks, Taylor was named the Patrol’s Anti-Terrorism Coordinator. After leaving the Patrol, he headed a team of anti-terrorism specialists that evaluated the vulnerabilities of Missouri’s most critical assets.He served two terms as president of the National Governor’s Security Association (NGSA). In that capacity, he was Senior Security Consultant for the National Governor’s Association (NGA) in Washington, D.C., and helped formulate security plans for NGA events nationwide. Taylor has trained hundreds of people in dignitary protection and survival tactics and is a regular instructor at the Advanced Threat Assessment and Management Academy at UCLA’S Conference Center. He was selected to serve on the Development Team for the MOSAIC Threat Assessment System currently used by the U.S. Supreme Court, the CIA, the US Marshals Service, and agencies protecting governors of twelve states. Thomas Taylor currently works as Special Projects Manager for Gavin de Becker and Associates, a firm that advises and protects high-risk public figures. He served as detail leader for the large security team protecting Arnold Schwarzenegger during his campaign for governor of California. The Institute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM) in Florida published Taylor’s book, Dodging Bullets - A Strategic Guide to World-Class Protection, in 2000. His name appears in the acknowledgments of Gavin de Becker’s bestsellers The Gift of Fear and Fear Less, and also the 1998 Secret Service report Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment Investigations, for his assistance in reviewing these documents. In 2008, Taylor co-authored a groundbreaking book on public figure protection, Just Two Seconds – Using Time and Space to Defeat Assassins. His debut novel, Mortal Shield, was a finalist for Foreword Magazine's "2008 Book of the Year" Award. His latest book, Armored Men, is a sequel to his first novel and has just been released.

IMTT is humbled and honored to have this gentleman as one of our team members, advisor and instructor. It is truely a pleasure to have Tom assisting us in the execution of Professional level Executive protection training world-wide.

Books by Thomas A. Taylor

Dodging bullets just 2 seconds Armored Men Mortal shield


Mr. Whitehead is a 26 veteran of Law Enforcement. His last assignment as a Lieutenant he was responsible for the training and certification of over 1200 peace officers which included a support staff and budgetary responsibilities. He served in SWAT for over 18 years rising to the rank of SWAT commander and in charge of a 21 man unit. John is also a Certified Martial Arts Instructor, who holds a Fifth degree Black Belt in Japanese Go Ju-Ruy Karate and Martial Arts weapon systems. He is currently studying Jeet Kune Do, Kali Filipino Martial Arts and several other fighting systems. John is a former United States Marine earning the rank of Sergeant and severed at various post throughout the world. He was also served as a salvage / recovery and rescue combat diver.  John is a certified in multiple disciplines and holds numerous certifications, qualification and professional licenses. He worked as an adjunct instructor for a professional academic institution as a course instructor for over 5 years. John has developed and taught Self-Defense Courses, firearms and Edged Weapons for many agencies through out California and the Untied States.  

IMTT is proud and honored to have John as part of our team and an instructor. 


IMTT is honored and privileged to have Mr. John Rose on staff. He actively served in law enforcement for over 18 years in positions ranging from Patrol Officer, K-9 Handler, K-9 Trainer, SWAT Operator, and Departmental Training Officer. His last rank held was that of Division Major with a large sheriff’s office in TN. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and holds numerous State P.O.S.T. certifications in multple disciplines to include but not limited to patrol tactics, response to active shooters, defensive tactics, firearms, and K-9. John developed the Counter Terrorism Tactics for Patrol Officers class that is taught in the regional police academy in Tennessee where he has been an instructor since 2003. In addition John has lectured extensively on the topics of leadership, supervision, ethics, and terrorism. Mr. Rose has completed and is certified as a counter-terrorism instructor after lengthy studies and numerous courses at the Counter Terrorism Training Division of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco Ga. To enhance his studies and gain experience in the field he traveled to the Middle east and worked with elite units, counter-terrorism groups and special military units of the Israeli defense forces. The goal of which is to protect critical infrastructure, schools, retail malls, VIP’s and to mitigate the tactics used by Suicide Bombers. John is our Vulnerability Assessment / Threat assessment instructor and expert. He holds a Maters of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology from East Tennessee State University, where he guest lectures on the topic of terrorism.


Darren is a world leader in the global martial arts community, He has studied martial arts for a over 20 years and is currently the personal full time student of the 34th grand master Masaaki Hatsumi, Darren lives in Japan for the sole purpose of training in this 1000 year old warfare martial art and currently teaches at the grand master's dojo 5 days a week. His teaching expertise is sought after from both civilian military and police the world over and he spends time every year travelling the world to teach this combative art at seminars and private classes. Bujinkan Ninjutsu has been recognised by most major police and military the world over for its proven efficiency in dealing with life and death situations. Tactics, unarmed and armed fighting, knife defence and attack, knife on knife, using a gun without firing, disarming an armed attacker (gun, knife or other), close quarters combat (both with and without weapons) and stick fighting are just some of the specialties of Darren's teaching.


Totti "Mike" Karpela has worked with the law enforcement and security for 25 years, mostly with the National Police of Finland. His work experience covers work in the military and civilian law enforcement as well as a consultant and a specialist in the corporate world. Mike has been heavily involved in various violent crimes prevention projects, threat management and stalking crimes. He was the founder of the Threat management service for Helsinki police department, first of it's kind in Finland. Part of his duties with the National Police was to work in a group of specialists under the Finnish Ministry of Interior that deals with the threats against law enforcement and judicial officials. Mike has also worked for the European Council and other international NGO's as a subject matter expert in domestic violence prevention and stalking crimes projects. Currently Mike is also a sought after specialist for government projects that deal with prevention of violent crime. During his career he has published four law enforcement and security related books as well as hundreds of articles in professional magazines. 

During his years of law enforcement Mike has also worked several years as an instructor trainer at the National police academy. Mike’s last assignment was to work as one of the crisis support personnel and hostage negotiator for the Southern Finland region. Mike resigned from the police in February 2008 as a sergeant. 

Mikes vast experience with threat management is clearly demonstrated in cases where analysis is put into practice, how multi-disciplinary teams of professionals are coached and how to manage low to median and high risk cases. 

Mike is currently the president of Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals (AETAP) as well as a committee  member for the Australasian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (APATAP). Currently he works as the director of two threat management companies, one based in Europe and the other one in Asia. 



Jarrett is a Rangemaster and primary weapons instructor for Handgun introduction class & CCW courses in the Ridgecrest region of Kern county California. He is a former United States Marine and combat veteran. Jarrett served in combat operations in Iraq in the USMC. Since 2004 he has been employed as a full-time Police officer for the state of California. He has completed basic through advanced weapons courses and holds multiple instructor level ratings with his agency as well as state certifications. He has served as an adjunct instructor for IMTT and successfully completed the apprentice program. We are honored and very proud to have him on board as part of our team.



Dominic was a member of the US Army for eight years. He served an Infantryman and Special Forces soldier.  He is a graduate of the Special Forces Q course (18D), he specialized in emergency medicine.  Nic was present in some of the heaviest fighting in Iraq and his unit was one of the highest decorated units in that conflict. He further participated in numerous direct action raids as a member of Special Forces. He holds numerous advanced medical ratings and specialized treatment certifications. He further completed the combat diver course and numerous courses during his tenure with the US Army. He possesses extensive real world combat experience treating wounded. He has multiple and numerous combat deployments in support of GWOT to Afghanistan, Iraq and other regions of the globe. He has earned numerous combat awards, Combat Infantryman badge and many others. Nic is our lead instructor for our Tactical Medic program and all medical courses conducted by IMTT. 
IMTT is proud and honored to have Dominic as part of our team and instructor staff.



Brian designs and creates large scale security, sensor, and surveillance systems which protects millions of dollars worth of inventory and equipment on a daily basis. Brian has 20 years in the technology industry and sees each project as an opportunity to solve real world problems with mission critical engineering. Brian’s focus is on industrial and commercial security and he scours the industry for the best of breed solutions that fit each project. Whatever the application, Brian brings a strong passion to his work and believes that security is only valuable if it meets the standards of prosecutable evidence and the needs of the customer. No matter the technical challenge, Brian can create an industrial plan of action to which meets or exceeds the clients's security requirements.


Maurice is a long time veteran and serving member of an Elite European Special Forces unit. He holds the rank of Sergeant Major. Maurice specializes in Counter / Anti-Terrorism, long distance marksmanship (Sniper tactics) and specialized tactics training. He holds multiple instructor ratings and qualifications. His background, extensive combat experience, training and professionalism make him uniquely qualified as an instructor for IMTT.


Marine First Sergeant (retired) of 24 years and a combat veteran. Beginning his career as a infantryman with First Battalion First Marines; First Marine Division where he specialized in marksmanship as a Scout Sniper operator, Chief Scout Sniper, Primary Marksmanship Instructor and Tactics Instructor.  He later served as the Chief Instructor at Special Operations Training Group, Special Missions Branch instructing the first MOS awarding Sniper School Okinawa, Japan.  Mark is a qualified dynamic entry Breacher, Rappel Master, Navy parachutist and Marine Combatant Diver.  He served in combat operations in the Persian Gulf War, Iraq in operations earning multple combat awards to include Valor commendations for actions under fire. He is a NRA rifle and pistol instructor teaching rifle & handgun as well as CCW courses. We are extremely proud and honored to have Mark on our team.


Dr. Scott Burgess, he is a 27 year Army veteran (Mustang) from the infantry and aviation branches serving with conventional and special operations organizations and foreign military entities. While Dr. Burgess is a subject matter expert in aviation applications, he also instructs at firearms academies, an avid hunter, and is a Texas certified license to carry instructor. Scott was a pilot in command, instructor in military scout and attack aircraft primarily and in the civil sector, but also crewed the F-15E Strike Eagle as a liaison to the Air Force. Burgess has developed curriculum, instructed, and performed training and operations evaluations for entities in conventional, special operations, law-enforcement, and aviation over the last three decades. Dr. Burgess now chairs a major university aviation degree program, conducts aviation safety and UAS research. He serves on the Helicopter Association International UAS Committee, develops UAS training, and application strategies for various disciplines.
Dr. Burgess is in charge of our UAV Drone programs, conducting courses and certification on our behalf to clients world-wide. Military, Law Enforcement, Executive protection and civilian certification and qualification courses.


Dave is a world class instructor, humble, well-spoken, and comical, an all-around nice guy. He is a former US Marine “Recon” (Ranger qualified) and later US Army Special Forces Senior NCO, he retired honorably after more than twenty years of service. He taught human tracking, anti and counter-tracking tactics, techniques and procedures on five continents: on deserts, jungles to the mountains, and into the urban streets. He is a retired US Army Special Forces/Marine with 33 years of experience in human tracking. Diaz’s unique skill-set has not only bolstered the efforts of United States conventional and special operational units, he has also trained elements of various Allied and NATO troops. Diaz is recognized throughout the military, law enforcement and other agencies, along with the petroleum industries as a subject matter expert in the theory and practice of human tracking. Diaz provides a very realistic empirical and challenging program of instruction that always exceeds the client’s needs. He has fine-tuned his craft through many years of dedication and studying from the finest trackers throughout the world including the Dyaks/Iban of Brunei and Malaysia, Negritos Aborigines of the Philippines, the San of Botswana, US Marines in Vietnam that learned their skill from the Montagnards of the highlands of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Diaz has also exchanged TTPs with Sayeret Ha’Druzim and Ha’Bedouin Trackers of Israel. He was also exposed to the Rhodesian version of human tracking developed by Mr. Alan Savory. Due to Diaz’ exposure to a broad and diverse range of teachings, he has developed various systematic approaches to the art and science of human tracking. Diaz is a published author on the subject of human tracking. His first book Tracking: Signs of Man, Signs of Hope, published by Lyons Press in 2005 is considered a seminal manual in the field of human tracking. The Second Edition was up-dated and published in 2013 entitled Tracking Humans. Dave is one of the few true experts in the world on tracking!


Finnish Air Force, Major (retired) 26 years of Military service, Military Police, Unit leader and Instructor of the Air Force Security Police Special Response Unit, Force Protection Commander, Air Force Rapid Deployment Fighter Squadron, Combat Search & Rescue officer. Petteri was a Founding member of the Air Force 'Raven' teams. He has been professionally associated with IMTT since our very beginning over twenty years ago. A graduated of the IMTT handgun Instructor Course 2001. Continually instructing self-defense, tactics, firearms, leadership, numerous military related topics and disciplines professionally since 2001. Petteri is  extremely skilled in Unarmed Combat, use of Force, he has earned several Black belts in Self Defence disciplines. He is licensed to instruct Security guards, Executive protectors, door men and other professionals in private security. Armed Security personnel included in Finland. In addition Petteri is a certified personal trainer / physical fitness Instructor in weight lifting and kettlebells.


Carlos is a former USMC assigned to "RECON" (reconnaissance) (3rd Marine Recon Bn. jump/scuba), and a honorably retired law enforcement officer with over 29 years of law enforcement service. He possesses an extensive martial arts background studying and practicing numerous styles. During his tenure in law enforcement, he specialized in narcotics and SWAT operations, retaining his peace-officer status. He has real world experience in multiple high-risk narcotic undercover operations, high-risk narcotics and SWAT entries.  Carlos supervised a narcotics task-force, which was engaged in heavy physical/electronic surveillance along with wire-tapping capabilities.  He has served as an adjunct professor, specializing in criminal investigations, multiculturalism for law enforcement, and terrorism studies. Currently he serves as the Private Sector Liaison/Terrorism Liaison Officer Support Group for the Central California Intelligence Center/Regional Threat Assessment Center. Mr. Ponce also serves as an academy and in-service law enforcement instructor.  He is a POST qualified firearms/narcotics/cultural diversity and Terrorism Liaison Officer Instructor. He is currently working toward his PH.D in "Homeland security" and nearing completion. Carlos is a wealth of knowledge, highly disciplined individual, multifaceted and eclectic.  We are honored and humbled to have him as part of our team. 


Grant served 8 years in the elite US Army 2/75 Ranger Battalion, deploying multiple times to Iraq and Afghanistan, conducting hundreds of nighttime direct action missions.  He is Ranger Qualified, Master Breacher qualified, Jumpmaster qualified, EMT qualified.  His last 5 years in Ranger Regiment were spent as a Sniper, Sniper Team Leader and Sniper Section Leader. He is a graduate of the Army Sniper School, SOTIC (Special Operations Target Interdiction Course) and several Civilian Precision courses.  He is currently serving as a Sniper Section Leader for the State of Arizona National Guard.  Over the last three years he has instructed courses for the FBI, Military, Police, government contract companies, and civilians.  He is an avid long range shooter pursuing his passion of Precision Shooting & competitions throughout the year.


He is one of the most experienced persons in his field, widely known, and recognized as a true experienced professional; with a depth of experience in his vocation, equalled or surpassed by few. Marc has over 40 years of law enforcement experience, he spent the majority of his career working specialized units as a tactical surveillance operator. Marc worked many years as both an operator, finally a Supervisor and Firearms Instructor with the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite "Special Investigation Section" (SIS). After retiring from SIS in 2007, he continued working in an undercover capacity as a tactical leader of the Orange County Auto Theft Task Force (OCATT). In his current assignment, Marc was selected as the Range Master for his agency and Team Leader of the Dignitary Protection Team (DPT). He has taught at a number of recognized firearms schools across the country, as well as overseas for elite military and police units. Marc has trained the United States Naval Special Warfare Units and Israel’s elite anti-terrorist units in vehicle interdictions and assault techniques. He was also an instructor and keynote speaker at the FBI Special Operations Group (SOG).


I.T. Consultant and sales manger in the North West region of the US

Vint possesses over 33 years of Law Enforcement experience, including Police supervision. In addition he is a long time martial artist. Mr. Boggis has earned the following titles JD, CECI, CPCI, he is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts school of Law with Juris Doctor of Law.  Further, he is an experienced Prosecutor & Investigator/ Cyber Investigator/Security professional with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement industry & corporate settings. Strong legal professional skilled in Crisis Management, Criminal Intelligence, Intelligence Analysis, Government, Emergency Management, Fraud and other Investigations, and Workplace Violence and Threat Management/Mitigation. Vint instructs the following courses on our behalf in the Northeastern United States: Executive Protection,  Site Security Survey, Security / threat assessment,  High risk warrant service, Site Security Surveys and Active Shooter Response Instructor  among many others. We are proud and thrilled to have him on board, as one of our lead staff instructors.  


Tapio is an officer in the Finnish defense forces holding the rank of Captain.  Possessing extensive and in-depth knowledge of advanced ballistics, rifle marksmanship, optics, and modern rifle systems available. Tapio is an avid hunter, hunting wild game throughout Europe and Africa.  He is an IMTT assistant Instructor, his specialty is precision rifle and advanced rifle offerings."


Dylan has over 33 years combined Military and Law Enforcement experience. He is honorably retired with 27 years in Law enforcement service. In his last and final post he was a Lieutenant in charge of a 27 man hostage rescue team based in Central California. He served in multiple special operations assignments; Narcotic Enforcement Task Force, investigations, Gang/Violence Suppression, Homicide, Training Branch, continuously a member of SWAT. He is recognized as a state of California subject matter expert in the Use of Force, Tactics and firearms. He holds numerous certifications, qualifications and instructor credentials relative to Tactical Firearms, Chemical Agents, Impact/Edge Weapons, Entry Operations / Hostage Rescue , Rappel Master, Sniper, Operational Planning and Leadership, and holds numerous state government and manufacture qualifications and certifications. US Marine Corps, Infantry later member Security Forces Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic receiving extensive training in Anti-Terrorist operations, Hostage Rescue and Dignitary Protection, Close Quarter Combat (CQB), Layered Defensive Tactics and Security Concepts and Operation.  Later returning to the Infantry as a squad leader, and serving as a member Marine Expeditionary Unit-Special Operations Capable (MEU-SOC) . He served in direct combat operations during "Operation Desert Storm" as well as re-capturing Al-Wafra, the Ice Cube Tray and Al Jaber area of Kuwait City.  We are extremely proud and honored to have Dylan on our team.




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Tehachapi, California, CA 93561

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IMTT Central America "Delta Elite S.A." conducts all firearms and tactical training on our behalf in Central America. Operating in Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Southern Mexico and Panama. They are one of the largest, most sophisticated and in depth security firms in Central America.

LISA / Office manager

Manages databases, creates certificates, assists with mailing, advertising, printing projects, public relations, bookkeeping and file organization.



Command Master Chief Ret., USN SEAL Team #5, 34 years of active duty. This individual represents the peek of knowledge in special operations. Mr. Davis is a decorated combat veteran. His operational experience and expertise have been present in every conflict the US has been engaged in since 1963. His insight and advice is used as a resource for I.M.T.T.. Occasionally he conducts courses on special request for us. His skill and training do not come on the cheap! He served with and under MR. Charlie Beckworth at SOCOM as a senior NCO. At one point in his distinguished career he was the most senior staff NCO in all the United States Navy SEAL Teams. There just is not the paper to do his experience and reputation worthy in this document. This man is one of the most trained and experienced unconventional warriors that the United States.


Ret. United states Navy with the Rank of Commander, Former commander USN SEAL Team #5. Larry has been involved in Special operations since DEC 1966 and is still active throughout the community. He begin his Navy career as a enlisted man earning his way to the final rank of USN Commander. He has operated in clandestine and covert operations with the CIA , US State department, DEA, and numerous other federal agencies to include JSOC. He has deployed into multiple conflicts, low intensity operations and well operations other than war. Larry has also earned two master degrees in education and operations research analysis. He is also a author of three novels (Silent option, Broken Seals and Free enterprise.) multiple magazines articles in professional journals. Operating his own company Special operations consultants INC. (SOC Inc.) he still travels throughout the world. There are few men in the world today who possess Larry's level of training, expertise and real world experience. Speaks multiple languages. He specializes in executive protection, development of security procedures, overseeing development of leadership / administrative personnel and management level training.